EuroScience Open Forum 2010: “The Top-level Research Initiative - a wincase"

The Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) is not a showcase but a wincase for international cooperation, stated Jerzy Langer from the Polish Academy of Science.
 EuroScience Open Forum 2010: “The Top-level Research Initiative - a wincase"
It was during the Nordic session presenting the Top-level Research Initiative at EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) July 5th that Langer gave his comment on the Nordic initiative. He concluded that the TRI represents a model for cooperation that is more action orientated than other international cooperation tends to be.

A Nordic flagship
Rolf Annerberg, Chairman of TRI and Director General of the Swedish Research Council Formas, chaired the session in Torino. He underlined the initiative’s top political priority, initiated by the Nordic prime ministers in 2008 with a budget of 50 million Euros over five years, constituting a true common pot. - Only the best research- and innovation projects will be financed, said Annerberg.

Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson, pointed to the Nordic approach to meet the grand challenges of our time - challenges on climate issues, energy and the environment.

Even though this is an initiative at a high political level, the response from research institutions and companies involved is extremely important to succeed. - TRI could be a good model for grand challenge responding research, said Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk.

Trust - the basis for the Nordic success
- The Nordic countries have a common history that is based on trust and shared values. This joint history of cooperation is and will continue to be tremendously important, stated Riita Mustonen, Vice President of the Academy of Finland. - This trust is a basis for Nordic cooperation, but can also be a help and a means for Europe and even globally.

Science to business
- Energy and emissions will give long lasting business opportunities in existing and new markets. Because of this development, the link between business and science have decreased, stated Marit Larsen, CEO of Tel-Tek and leader of the programme committee for the TRI sub-programme CO2 - Capture and Storage.

The session was rounded off with a reception at the Top-level Research Initiative‘s stand in the exhibition area, where more than a hundred people gathered to mingle and continue the dialogue.

Photo by Lisa H. Ekli: Halldór Ásgrímsson, Gunnel Gustafsson and Riitta Mustonen
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