Icelanders interested in Nordic collaboration

In connection with the Nordic Council Session 2010 last week in Iceland, the people of Reykjavik had the opportunity to attend a series of cultural events as well as meetings on Nordic cooperation. The meetings have been characterized by good attendance and an enthusiastic Icelandic public. Wednesday morning the subject at hand was where and how to seek support for innovation and research in the Nordic organisations.
 Icelanders interested in Nordic collaboration
120 people showed up at the Nordic House on Wednesday morning to meet the three Nordic institutions NordForsk, Nordic Innovation Centre and NORA.

- After the crisis, there is a great interest for Nordic cooperation among the Icelanders, partly because the need for financing projects has increased. But there is also a growing interest for Nordic cooperation in general. While Icelandic

companies in the past were committed to reaching out on a global scale, many now consider establishing a Nordic enterprise to be a more realistic alternative, says Kjartan Due Nielsen, project manager of a Nordic project with the aim to further Nordic cooperation and increase participation of Icelandic companies, research, educational and cultural organisations in Nordic cooperation.

This initiative started in 2009, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, as a relief measure following the financial crisis.

- The fact that so many people participate in these meetings demonstrate the importance of the Nordic countries for the Icelandic people, Due Nielsen states. He is pleased that participants at the Nordic Council Session can reach out to the average Icelander.

Senior adviser Erlendur Helgason presented the NordForsk funding schemes at the seminar.

Read more about the Nordic Council Session here: Session 2010,

Text: Melita R. Hasle
Photo: Sophie Terkelsen

Lead image: Erlendur Helgason
Image nr 2: Kjartan Due Nielsen
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