New Nordic Centres of Excellence within the Top-level Research Initiative

Three Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) will be funded within the Top-level Research Initiative’s (TRI) sub-programme ”Effect studies and adaptation to climate change”. – We have high expectations of these projects and will follow them throughout the five-year project period. There will also be established collaborations with other TRI projects, says Chair of the Programme Committee, Mogens Henze.
 New Nordic Centres of Excellence within the Top-level Research Initiative
The three projects shall contribute to improving our knowledge about the effects of climate change, with a focus on possible solutions to how we best can adapt to these changes in the future. The projects also have strong and exciting educational profiles.

Based on the evaluations of an international panel of experts, the Nordic Programme Committee made its decision to fund the following three Nordic Centres of Excellence:

Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems and Resource Economics led by Nils Christian Stenseth at CEES, Department of Biology, University of Oslo, Norway and Co-PI Carl Folke, Stockholm Resilience Center/Stockholm University, Sweden.

The project will assess climate change impacts on Nordic marine ecosystems, focusing on quantifying the impacts on profit, employment, and harvesting of cod in the Nordic region.

How to Preserve the Tundra in a Warming Climate? led by Lauri Oksanen at Finnmark University Collage, Norway and University of Turku, Finland.

The objective of the project is to preserve the arctic-alpine biota in a warmer climate. A central theme is limiting forest expansion using reindeer and small rodents.

Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research (NORD-STAR) led by Michael Goodsite at National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University, Denmark.

The project will develop tools for governments, agencies and business for developing and implementing adaptation to climate change.

Read more about the centres and the Top-level Research Initiative here!

Photo: Mogens Henze,by B. Amundsen (photographed at other occation).
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