What can Europe learn from the Nordic experiences on research cooperation?

Does the EU have anything to gain from the Nordic region’s experiences with research and innovation? Can the Nordic region be a model for regional cooperation? These are some of the issues that are up for debate at the NORDERA conference in Brussels November 25th.
 What can Europe learn from the Nordic experiences on research cooperation?
Nordic Research and Innovation cooperation has a long-standing tradition based on a common identity, political will and mutual trust. With relatively small budgets, Nordic R&I cooperation has resulted in several co-funded programmes. The publication rate is high and all of the Nordic countries score above world average on citation indexes. So what can we learn from the Nordic experiences?

Participants from a number of different institutions and countries in Europe gather to discuss this in Brussels this Wednesday:

How can the Nordic cooperation contribute to achieving European Commission objectives such as joint research programmes, increased mobility for researchers, joint research infrastructures, excellence in research and exchange of knowledge?

What are the key lessons that we can draw from Nordic strengths and weaknesses?

These issues have been the focus of the NORDERA project. Since May 2009 they have studied the Nordic region’s experiences on research cooperation, in order to identify best practices and assess how the lessons learnt can help us to further develop the European Research Area (ERA) and within this, also the Nordic Research and Innovation Area (NORIA).

At the conference “A New Deal for ERA. Lessons learnt from Nordic R&I cooperation?” in Brussels November 25th, the results of the research will be presented, constituting a base for a thorough debate.

A final report with conclusions and recommendations will be published in December.

Read more about NORDERA here

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Illustration photo: Johannes Jansson, norden.org

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