National research funding agencies

The national research funding agencies shall promote, support and distribute funds for research in their respective fields. The mandate and strategies for their work is available on their websites.
The Swedish Research Council Formas

FORTE: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare



The Research Council of Norway

The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy

Independent Research Fund Denmark

Danish National Research Foundation

Innovation Fund Denmark

Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has responsibility for tasks that require special expertise within research and innovation, for further development of high-quality Danish research, for EU and global cooperation within research and for research infrastructure.


Academy of Finland

Business Finland


The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannis)


The Research Council of Greenland

Faroe Islands

Granskingarráðið (The Faroese Research Council)

Representation in the NordForsk Board

The Swedish Research Council, The Research Council of Norway, Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, and the Academy of Finland are represented in the NordForsk Board.

NordHorcs (Nordic Heads of Research Councils)

NordHorcs is a committee consisting of the Directors of the national research funding agencies in the Nordic countries. The aim of NordHorcs is to further develop Nordic research and research policy through cooperation and knowledge exchange.