Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Education and Research

The Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Education and Research supports joint cooperation projects between higher education and research institutions in Russia and the Nordic Countries.

The programme is built on mutual Nordic-Russian interests, joint priorities and shared funding, and is based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. NordForsk administers the research activities of the programme on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The main objective of the programme is to strengthen Nordic-Russian cooperation in education and research through mobility of faculty, staff and students, networking, joint courses and other activities aimed at sustainable long-term cooperation.

The Nordic-Russian Joint Working Group has decided to support established collaboration in five ongoing Nordic-Russian research projects by providing them an opportunity to apply for grant for continuation of the collaboration in 2018-2020.


NordForsk have the coordination responsibility of the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research.



ReiGN in Russia
CLINF-R - Epidemiology of infectious diseases in a changing climate with impacts on societies - expansion in Russia
The role of the Atlantic in constraining Eurasian climate change (TRACE)
Critical steps in understanding land surface –atmosphere interactions: from improved knowledge to socioeconomic solutions
Resource-based Green growth under climate change (ResGreen)
A multidisciplinary approach to anticipate critical regime shifts in ecosystems (TerMARisk)
Joint CRAICC-PEEX research and education activity
Impact of Future Cryospheric Changes on Northen Hemisphere Climate, Green Growth and Society (GREENICE)
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