Comparative Lactation Biology

The objective of this network is to bring together researchers specialising in animal science with other researchers specialising in human medicine, all of whom will have a specific interest in lactation.

Lactation is of special relevance in the Nordic countries, given the importance attached to breastfeeding and also to dairy products in Nordic diets. This is the first, and so far only, time that animal and human lactation experts are brought together in this way. This provides a genuine opportunity to position the Nordic countries as world leaders in lactation research.

The outcomes from the network will help to create greater prosperity and enhanced health and welfare (of man and animals) within the Nordic countries. The participants cover a broad range of lactation-related disciplines ranging from basic science at molecular level to applied science at population level. This encompasses aspects such as pathophysiology of the mammary gland, interactions between mother and young, maternal and neonatal nutrition, fetal and neonatal metabolic programming, and optimising milk composition for lifelong health.

Facts about the project

Project number: 28020

Project leader

Christopher Knight, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden