Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice: Success stories from immigrant students and school communities in four Nordic countries

This project will draw lessons from success stories of individual immigrant students and whole Nordic school communities where learning spaces for inclusion and social justice have been created, enabling immigrant students academic and social success.

The findings from this research may shed light on a myriad of good practices according to socially and academically successful immigrant students, teachers, principals and parents, and contribute to strategies and guidelines for teaching and school reform and educational policy. The interdisciplinary approach, mixed methods and various elements included in the research project will generate a broad, innovative knowledge base on the implementation of social justice in diverse Nordic school contexts as well as a basis for comparison in an international context.

Scientific Publications

Data source: Crossref. The list should not be assumed to represent the complete published research output of the project.

A strong commitment: conforming a school identity at one compulsory faith school in a disadvantaged area

Journal Article published 2016-08-05 in Ethnography and Education volume 12 issue 1
Research funded by NordForsk
Authors: Johannes Lunneblad, Ylva Odenbring, Anette Hellman.
Facts about the project

Project number: 53704

Project leader

Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, University of Iceland


Participating countries

Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden