NENUN - Nordic Environmental NUcleotide Network

The Nordic Environmental Nucleotide Network aims to help groups further develop and refine the use of molecular based technologies by avoiding redundancy of effort and facilitating rapid dissemination and implementation of advances.

NENUN focuses on:

  1. quantitative techniques to measure DNA and mRNA of functional genes or species-specific genes in environmental samples
  2. high throughput sequencing technologies to help assess microbial diversity and advance environmental transcriptomics

These focus areas are of major future importance in environmental assessment, but are currently being tested and utilised at only a few places in Scandinavia.

NENUN will help develop efficient use of established expensive equipment and infrastructure. The network will also support travel cost for Ph.D. students that work across network partners, who can be ambassadors for a Scandinavian molecular microbial ecologists internationally by visiting research groups abroad.

Facts about the project

Project number: 30403

Project leader

Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark

Project website