Nordic fields of higher education. Structures and transformations of organisation and recruitment

Higher education has been seen as one of the pillars of the welfare systems of the Nordic countries. Changes during the last three decades appear to have transformed the higher education systems in the Nordic countries into more diverse and complex national and international higher education landscapes.

What do these changes mean for the traditional Nordic model of education? Recruitment patterns may offer a key to understanding these effects, as changes in recruitment patterns over time provide indicators of changing valorisations of higher education programmes, institutions, and fields and types of study.

Analysing recruitment patterns also makes it possible to evaluate the function of higher education in relation to the welfare state, evidencing the role it plays in democratic goals related to equity. This project will compare recruitment patterns at both an institutional and a discipline-related level across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Facts about the project

Project number: 53742

Project leader

Mikael Börjesson, Uppsala university, Sweden


Participating countries

Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden