NORIA-net on Registries

NordForsk has initiated the “NORIA-net on Registries” with the aim to increase use of the unique data registries and biobanks in and between the Nordic countries, and thereby strengthening Nordic cooperation on registry-based research.

NORIA-net is a coordination activity for the national and Nordic research funding agencies and policy makers. The NORIA-net should map and identify where there is added value to cooperate at the Nordic level and give strategic advice to NordForsk on how to strengthen Nordic research by increased joint use of registries. The working group is jointly chaired by Erland Hjelmquist, Secretary General of the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, and Mikael Fogelholm, Professor in Nutrition at the University of Helsinki.

The report “A reinforced Nordic collaboration on registers and databases: challenges from six perspectives” will serve as important background material for the NORIA-net group. Activities within the NORIA-net has the aim to increase coordination and accessibility of registries to the different research communities, map national workplans, as well as investigating potential limitations (legal, ethical, political etc) impeding cooperation and proposing ways to overcoming these. Coordination activities targeting statistical authorities, data inspection boards and ethical committees are foreseen.

The NORIA-net aims to arrange a high-level workshop spring 2013 focusing on how to make Nordic register data available and possible to use by a broader research audience. The outcome of the workshop will be used by the NORIA-net to formulate recommendations on how to strengthen Nordic registry-based research.

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