Rangifer Domus

This network aims to consolidate Nordic expertise on reindeer (Rangifer) using very new techniques of genetic analysis, environmental and botanical studies. Many of these techniques have not been applied outside of Scandinavia.

Reindeer or rangifer has always lived in association with people across Scandinavia and the circumpolar North. Nordic science has taken the lead on the history and population ecology of rangifer.

The researcher network Rangifer Domus collaborates with a research group in Eastern Siberia to write the history of reindeer husbandry. New techniques of genetic (nuclear and mtDNA) analysis, environmental and botanical studies give clues to the history of reindeer herding, osteology that allows for the composition of ‘life histories’ to particular rangifer, and recent models in ethnography and the history of science.

By putting these techniques together in a researcher network this project has the possibility of setting Nordic science at a new, international level and approaching a new model of the relation of environmental indicators and analytical markers to change the definitions of domestication - or domus.

The project involves four seminars, two of which will take place in two regions thought to be the ‘cradles’ of reindeer husbandry.

Facts about the project

Project number: 45102

Project leader

David Anderson, Universitety of Tromsø, Norway