NordForsk's large-scale initiatives

NordForsk's large-scale initiatives

NordForsk has launched several large-scale initiatives to follow up political decisions regarding thematic priorities or social challenges where research cooperation may help to find solutions. Large-scale initiatives under NordForsk may comprise several sub-initiatives, programmes or funding instruments and are designed to generate excellent results.

eScience globalisation initiative

The eScience globalisation initiative is a large Nordic research and educational initiative, to promote Nordic collaboration on eScience.

Read more about eScience here

The Top-level Research Initiative

The Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) is the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date. The initiative aims to involve the very best agencies and institutions in the Nordic region, and promote research and innovation of the highest level, in order to make a Nordic contribution towards solving the global climate crisis.

Read more about the Top-level Research Initiative here

Education for tomorrow

The aim of the thematic programme Education for Tomorrow is to generate new knowledge about the Nordic educational systems that will better equip them to meet the needs of society – today and in the future. Funding will be allocated to several large-scale, interdisciplinary research projects and one Nordic Centre of Excellence.

Read more about Education for tomorrow here.

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