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Presentations - Governance of research in response to Grand Challenges in the future European Research landscape - Brussels 28.2.2012
Presentations Education kick-off 2013
Event Details
Facts on Nordic research
NordForsk logo tiff
Application form - EfT-Russia_FINAL.docx
Environmentalism, Spatiality and the Public Sphere - NIES seminar
NRIN interim report December 2010
Long PM on NordForsk
Nordic Council of Ministers 2004
Short PM on NordForsk
Nordic Council of Ministers 2004
NordForsks statutter (svensk)
Strategi for norsk utdanning
Danmark Forskningsråd Positionspapir om FP8
Coming Policy Brief: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Nordic Research Cooperation
Coming Policy Brief: Nordic contributions in developing the ERA
Coming Policy Brief: Rethinking Nordic Added Value in Research
A Nordic contribution to the Grand Challenges debate
Executive Summary
Programme, seminar May 26th
All presentations 26.5.2011, Seminar on Nordic Research Cooperation in the coming European Research Landscape
Preliminary programme, NIRPA seminar
NordForsks grafiske profil
Present Status and Future Potential for Medical Research in the Nordic Countries
- Nordic White Paper on Medical Research
EU-Nordic affairs substrategy
Stillingsannonse, vikariat komm.rådgiver.pdf
NORDSYNC evaluation report
Nordic light and colours course programme
NordForsk's input to the ERA Framework consultation 30.11.2011
The politics of steering by numbers / NIFU STEP 3-2008
Mikael Fogelholm: International Evaluation of Sport Sciences in the Nordic Countries
Helsekonferansen 15.3.2012 samlet presentasjon
Call text NEGI climate
Education for tomorrow NCoE call text
NordForsk Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract
NordForsk's Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract constitute an integrated part of all contracts entered into by NordForsk concerning the financing of research projects.
Invitation, expertseminar gender nov2012
NORIA-net Arktis factsheet
Application form Social Security
Guidelines on impartiality
Education for Tomorrow kick-off programme
Referat Nordic Expert Meeting 5 March 2013 Slutlig (svenska)
NordForsk Nordic Expert Meeting 5 March 2013 (English)
Gender Policy
The aim of the NordForsk gender policy is to make visible how gender awareness improves the quality of Nordic research and research collaboration. Both gender balance among researchers and gender perspectives on research topics increase the quality of research and of policy decisions with implications for society.
NCoE-concept 2013_Nov
Call text: NCoE - Nordic Societal Security
Call text Nordic Societal Security
Science Europe Position Statement on Open Access to Research Publications, April 2013
The NordForsk Board decided in June 2013 to adopt the Science Europe principles for Open Access to research publications and further develop NordForsk’s Open Access Policy in line with relevant national, Nordic and European initiatives. The main funding agencies in the Nordic countries are members of Science Europe.
Memorandum of Understanding between the European Commission and NordForsk
Memorandum of understanding detailing the activities to be carried out by NordForsk related to ERA priorities. NordForsk was a member of the ERA stakeholder platform from July 2012 till June 2015.
Joint Statement on working in partnership in achieving the ERA
Joint statement by the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), the European University Association (EUA), the League of European Research Universities (LERU), NordForsk, Science Europe (SE), and the European Commission. The stakeholders commit to strengthening coordination between EU research institutions and working to harmonise Europe’s research policy. NordForsk was a member of the ERA stakeholder platform from July 2012 till June 2015.
Reviewers guidelines and evaluation criteria
Programme Memorandum: Responsible Developement of the Arctic
Joint Nordic Initiative on Arctic Research April 2014
Arktis Arctic
Conference report: Joint Nordic Focus on Research Infrastructures - looking to the future_Nov 13
The conference Joint Nordic Focus on Research Infrastructures – Looking to the Future was held in November 2013 as part of the programme during the Swedish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The two-day conference focused solely on Nordic collaboration on research infrastructures. It covered three subject-specific areas of research: Climate & Environment, Health & Welfare and Materials & Molecules.
Promoting research careers or democracy?
Which is more important: a researcher’s opportunity to promote his or her career or free access to research findings? Researchers take a fundamental decision on this each time they choose the publishing channel for their research.
Karriere eller demokrati?
Hvad er vigtigst: forskerens karrieremulighed eller fri adgang til forskningsresultater? Forskeren træffer et væsentligt valg, hver gang hun/han vælger publiceringskanal for sin forskning.
NORIA-net Arctics programme memorandum
Noria-net programme memorandum
New trends in Nordic Societal Security Research 26-27 Nov 2014
Programme, Education for Tomorrow - Annual Conference 2015
Summary by the Special Advisory Group to NordForsk, June 17 2015
Nordic Neutron Scattering Communities 2009-2013
Kim Lefmann and Anders Bakke,Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen present and discuss basic information needed to investigate the present situation in the Nordic scientific environment within neutron scattering science. The investigation is a part of a larger effort to prepare the ground for Nordic involvement in the European Spallation Source, ESS, and is performed upon request from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.
Preannouncement societal security, thematic framework
Thematic framework societal security, 2015
COP21 program
Program for den nordiske pavillon på COP21 i Paris
Pre-announement Call EFT Nordforsk-NRO, web version.pdf