Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA)

The Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) is a three-year pilot project established to support clinical multi-centre trials that will help attracting multinational studies to the Nordic region. This is a region with 25 million inhabitants, a well-regulated and transparent health sector and with seamless access to frontline research and innovation.

Clinical trials has decreased in the Nordic region during the last decade, both industrial and academically initiated. A critical resource to halt and turn this negative development is open access to research infrastructures connecting research communities sharing competences and resources. Therefore a Nordic clinical research network – Nordic Trial Alliance - has recently been initiated, and a stepping stone phase has been financed by NordForsk.

Clinical trials conducted at the Nordic level will enable more conclusive results from multinational clinical studies by sufficient number of patients. A Nordic collaboration will in addition strengthen the Nordic voice on the international scene. In short - more clinical trials in the Nordic region will give better welfare to the population.

NTA is built on established national networks for clinical research, and ensures a strong collaboration with national and Nordic stakeholders in order not to overlap with existing initiatives. NTA has an open access approach.

The work within NTA is coordinated through it's partnership with NordForsk and connected to a steering board. Yearly workshops are also arranged in order to involve key stakeholders from the Nordic countries, to secure feedback on the work done and maintain a close collaboration between stakeholders in the early phase.

Nordic Trial Alliance is funded by NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) within the NCM-programme 'Sustainable Nordic Welfare', and its focus area 'Infrastructure for welfare'. The programme initiates co-operation in tangible measures as well as Nordic platforms for dialogue and exchange of knowledge.


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