Climate Whirl at High Latitudes

The aim of the project Climate Whirl at High Latitudes is to educate the climate scientists of the future to apply a truly multidisciplinary approach in their research, to improve their abilities to present the scientific results to different audiences, and to foster interdisciplinary scientific dialogue.

The project includes two two-week interdisciplinary courses to be organized in summer 2016 and summer/autumn 2018, and development of eScience tools to be utilized on the courses. The eScience tools are related to visualization of complex environmental data from Arctic and Sub-Arctic areas, in practice in the contexts of the Carbon Tree ( and the ICOS Carbon Portal ( The courses will be held in Iceland and Greenland, and hosted by the Agricultural University of Iceland and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

The students participating in the courses will learn specific research methodologies in natural and social sciences, and also transferable skills such as data management, visualization tools, and communication to different audiences. During the course the students will carry out a project work about the effects of climate change to the ecosystems and societies by interviewing local people in Greenland, and by analyzing Icelandic environmental measurement data.

The first course is targeted primarily to PhD students of various natural sciences, whereas the second course is targeted also to PhD students of social sciences.

The project is built on the Climate Whirl concept developed by a transdisciplinary group of researchers in the area of science, art, education and software design. It aims at introducing a holistic view on climate and ecosystem research, using not only the traditional scientific communication channels, but also artistic manifestations in the form of workshops, exhibitions, seminars and interactive websites.

Fakta om prosjektet

Project number: 79618


Antti Lauri, University of Helsinki