First steps in atmospheric modelling

These courses aim to provide basic education on the most important biological, chemical and physical mechanisms in atmospheric science and how to implement these processes numerically in atmospheric models with the main target to educate the "Next Generation of Atmospheric Modellers" for the Nordic modelling community.

The courses on "First steps in atmospheric modelling" will be given as 12-days intensive research courses in the summers of 2016, 2017 and 2018 at Hyytiälä (Finland), Lund (Sweden) and Aarhus (Denmark), respectively. 

The courses are based on specific lectures in boundary layer meteorology, emission and deposition of biogenic and anthropogenic gas compounds and aerosols, atmospheric chemistry and physics and will be complemented by more general talks on complex computational techniques, implementation of gained knowledge in large-scale models and future career possibilities as an atmosphere modeller. During the course the participants will create their own one-dimensional chemistry-transport model including modules for emissions of organic compounds from the forest canopy, deposition and aerosol dynamics. This strong hands-on oriented teaching method has shown great results and has gotten very strong positive feedback from students participating in similarly structured courses provided by Dr Boy and his research group.

To avoid an overloading of the students during the intensive courses the lecturers in cooperation with the local organisers will provide social activities. This will also increase the common spirit of the group and will be beneficial for the future cooperation of the selected course participants and in this way increase the collaboration between the Nordic institutes. 


Fakta om prosjektet

Project number: 79772


Michael Boy, University of Helsinki