Introduction to Climate Modeling

The course Introduction to Climate Modeling introduces advanced numerical research tools that are used to study the global climate in the past, present and future, so called Earth System Models (ESMs). The course is intended for Nordic graduate students and provides good insight in climate change science and the numerical tools that go with it.

ESMs are numerical models that seek to simulate physical, chemical and biological aspects of the Earth system including representations of the atmosphere, the land surface, including vegetation, as well as sea-ice and the ocean. ESM research requires very large resources, in terms of scientific scope and personnel, as well as in terms of hardware and software infrastructure. ESM research is not only well suited for international collaboration, but essentially based on it. It is therefore natural that education also is organized and provided in an international context.

This course will, in two modules, provide education on the global climate system as it can be studied by simplified models using the language Python (Module I) as a preparatory step for learning how to design, execute and analyse experiments using ESMs. The course is given with lecturers from a Nordic network NordicESM and in collaboration with the Nordic Center of Excellence eSTICC. 

Fakta om prosjektet

Project number: 79794


Gunilla Svensson, Stockholm University