Nordic Microdata Access Network (NordMAN)

The NordMAN project is cooperation platform for the Nordic National Statistical Institutes (NSI’s) in which the aim is to provide better service to the Nordic research community by improving the access to cross-Nordic data, both by providing a unified access point to cross-Nordic microdata and by providing harmonized metadata across the Nordic NSI’s.

The project has two broad goals: 1) Test a model for cross-Nordic microdata access which was proposed in the Feasibility Study Regarding Research Access to Nordic Microdata; 2) Propose and implement a common framework for metadata accompanying microdata, available for research purposes across the Nordic NSI’s. 

The background to NordMAN project can be traced back to the meeting of the Nordic Chief Statisticians in Rosendal in August 2013. One theme of the meeting was the exchange of confidential data at a national and at the EU-level, including data exchange for research purposes between the Nordic countries. This particular issue was raised because the Nordic NSI’s had been approached by the working group of the NORIA network, which was a project launched by NordForsk. The meeting decided that this matter would best be served by sending it to the Nordic network for microdata access which would carry out a feasibility study on joint Nordic research access to microdata in the Nordic countries.

The project is funded by NordForsk.

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