Nordic Neutron School: Theory, Experiment, and E-learning

The School will launch a series of teaching activities that will educate and shape the future Nordic neutron scattering community to take maximal advantage of ESS. The elements are:

  • A core course, to be held annually, to train Nordic Ph.D. students in the basic techniques of neutron scattering 
  • A hands-on course on diffraction and SANS to be held annually at the JEEP-II reactor in Norway, as well as hands-on activities to be available at international facilities. 
  • A series of topical advanced courses.

We will provide a new teaching concept with a series of coherent lecture notes combined with realistic e-learning modules and exercises containing analysis of real data.

Fakta om prosjektet

Project number: 81695


Kim Lefmann, Copenhagen University.

Funding: NOK 7 997 202