Symptom monitoring after hospitalisation in patients with advanced heart failure - a Nordic-Baltic study

The overall aim of this project is to develop a new approach to monitoring symptom and signs combining self-assessment tools and a non-invasive monitoring device (micro-Cor system) and to determine the effect of this approach in patients’ advanced HF. The primary outcome is cardiovascular readmission within 30-day readmission. Secondary outcomes include readmission and death for all-cause within 6 months, hospital days, emergency department (ED) visits, unplanned clinic visits, hospital cost, and self-care behavior.

Heart failure (HF) annually accounts for almost 5-million hospital admission in Europe. HF is a condition that determines poor prognosis in comparison even with patients suffering from malignancies (e.g., breast-, prostate- or intestinal cancer). Knowledge of HF patients’ subjective and objective symptoms after discharge from hospital is demanded to be able to intervene, and decrease the high readmission rate of HF patients after discharge from hospital.

The project will be conducted during three phases:
Phase I: An observational study testing a new approach to monitoring symptoms and signs
Phase II: A user-driven explorative study assessing experiences from patients, caregivers, health care professionals and company on monitoring of symptoms and signs with the goal to develop methodology and the intervention protocol.
Phase III: Randomized controlled study to systematically determine the effects of monitoring subjective and objective patients’ advanced HF symptoms and signs 

This NordicBaltic - study including Norway, Sweden and Lithuania consists of an explorative, and experimental design employing validated questionnaires, microCor system, and interviews in order to provide a more complete understanding of HF patients self-care situation during 6 months after hospitalization.
This innovative, user-driven study will include patients, caregivers, health care professional and KYMA ltd. during the project.This project combining self-assessment tools and a non-invasive device will have the potential to improve patients’ health and the quality of the cardiovascular care in the Nordic-Baltic countries.

Fakta om prosjektet

Project number: 76015


Professor Anna Strömberg, Linköping universitet.